work stages

skills are special


Meet the client

In flexible lockers, we initially visit the customer and inspect the place of implementation of the required work in order to share opinions and plan the required work according to the place and decoration of the house so that the idea is commensurate with the reality on the ground and so that there are no future mistakes


Chart drawing

After sharing the future vision of the workplace, our engineering team develops the required plan for the work, determines the initial cost of the work, and sets the correct measurements that draw the work in general.

To avoid mistakes and to make your home look as you plan it


carrying out work

After completing the drawing of the work plan by the specialists, our technical workshops begin to implement and build your decorations in the hands of the most skilled industrialists, using our modern and advanced machines and our high-quality raw materials

In flexible lockers, we possess the finest raw materials for the manufacture of safes with a distinctive appearance and quality that has never been seen before in the Kingdom.



At this stage, our professional workshops, led by engineers specialized in installation operations, are characterized by speed, accuracy and perfection, so that the appearance of your closet is as you wanted and so that the work is delivered in the best way

Do not forget when you decided to make your closet in flexible lockers that you chose excellence from the time you thought about dealing with us until the work was completed

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